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  • A nationally regarded duo, it tells in the power and professionalism of their performance. Cool jazz tones with gritty blues inflections.

    Mutter Slater (Stackridge)
  • A perfect mix of head and heart

    Jazz Journal, Dec 2012
  • Eye catching vocals meet sumptuous guitar

    Guitarist Magazine, 2013
  • Schwarz takes all that is good from Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday and makes it uniquely her own

    C.Michael Bailey, All About Jazz, April 2012
  • Zoe's voice is a real jewel, careful and thoughtful delivery, and a bittersweet melancholy not dissimilar to Madeleine Peyroux or Tony Bennett. Rob Koral's guitar is the perfect mirror for her voice

    Michael Ricci, All About Jazz, Feb 2013
  • Schwarz & Koral make it all look easy, blues, swinging tunes, bossas, Billie Holiday-esque ballads all delivered with an expert flair while still possessing the wild hair necessary for true authenticity...

    C.Michael Bailey, All About Jazz, USA, 2013
  • Schwarz honours Billie Holiday not with a mere imitation, but an honest acknowledgement of Holiday's uniquely odd phrasing and approach around the beat. Also present is Nina Simone, in whose material Schwarz excels with her own approach. "The Blues are A-brewin,'" "Blues for Mama" and "Sinner's Prayer" all seethe with Simone's own slow burn with Schwarz's own fine port tone added.

    C.Michael Bailey, All About Jazz, 2013
  • Vocalist Zoe Schwarz has a smooth jazz delivery, reminiscent of the iconic Billie Holiday..... Featuring Rob Koral on guitar – and demonstrates a flair for dynamic interplay and rhythmic drive–confident swing, Zoe’s Billie toned voice and Rob’s vibrant solos are spellbinding

    Guitarist Magazine, Issue 350 Jan 2012, Jason Sidwell
  • It is impossible to compare Zoe’s voice with anyone else on the blues and jazz scene, past and present, because it is quite simply unique in terms of range, pitch and timing.

    The Bishop (David J. Scott) - Blues Matters and Blues Revue
  • It is tempting to compare Zoe's sound to other famous lead singers, but on further reflection her unique tone, diction, and inflection truly make her voice unique (in a good way)

    Rex Bartholomew Blues Blast Magazine, USA 2015
  • Zoe’s outstanding lyrical vocals, mournful, tender... with raw and true emotion”. “Rob Koral is quite simply a guitar genius

    Bernadette Middleton - Blues In Britain
  • Celebration - it really is a gem of an album.... Zoe’s voice shows warmth and great depth of feeling, but what makes it compelling is the sense of power

    John Watson - Jazz Rag
  • Nice stuff indeed

    Paul Jones, BBC Radio2, 3.12.12
  • Schwarz can belt the blues out with the best of them, but she is also a more than competent jazz singer

    C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz, 2013
  • Few performance formats can illuminate a talent and facility like the duet. Schwarz and Koral create a certain edgy intimacy on their performance that is both very contemporary and quite traditional at the same time. Schwarz and Koral make it all look easy, blues, swinging tunes, bossas, Billie Holiday-esque ballads all delivered with an expert flair while still possessing the wild hair necessary for true authenticity...

    C.Michael Bailey All About Jazz, 2012
  • Strikingly good.
    Ron Simpson, Jazz Rag
  • There’s a perfect logic to this classic combination yet it’s oddly rare in the jazz world, which helps to explain why this popular duo has a busy gig diary.  The fact that they’re pretty damn good at what they do doesn’t hurt, either.
    Roger Thomas, Jazz UK
  • Zoë and Rob’s musical partnership has been described as “one of the most engagingly natural partnerships in jazz, Zoë’s unaffected vocal style particularly well suited to the blues, and Rob's flawless guitar skills; their gigs are immediately accessible, enjoyable affairs

    Chris Parker, Ronnie Scott’s magazine, 2005
  • The bluesy vocals of Zoë Schwarz have won a significant following
    The Independent on Sunday, Roger Trapp, 2005
  • Making her name on the UK Jazz scene, here’s a heart felt performance of Billie Holiday’s ‘Don’t Explain’
    BBC Radio 3, ‘Jazz Record Requests’ Geoffrey Smith 28th May 2011
  • Glorious
    Humphrey Lyttelton, BBC Radio 2, 2008
  • We were happy to feature Zoe Schwarz for she’s a real talent, as is her guitar-playing partner Rob Koral, Zoe’s sure, strong voice is under-pinned by some really pretty guitar.” Recommended.
    BBC Radio 2 Russell Davies 2010
  • Koral has an exceptionally fertile melodic touch
    Clive Davis, Sunday Times ‘Culture’ magazine
  • The bluesy vocals of Zoe Schwarz are seriously special
    Jeremy Miles, Bournemouth Echo, Sept 2010
  • Rob Koral is superb his is a talent of world class proportions
    Jazz Journal Intl, Bruce Crowther
  • The moment I heard Zoe’s bluesy vocals I knew I had to bring her and her band to the Festival
    Nick Wells Bury St. Edmonds, 2010
  • That is what I call a voice. Totally majestic, passionate and eviscerating. Best I've heard in a long time”
    Brian Towell, Aquarius Festival promoter, 2012