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Perfect Day

One of my favourite line-ups is just me and Rob.... it is open, intimate, and always feels intensely  personal.  We play standards across the board, blues, jazz, modern, and vintage as well as a lot of our own tunes. Here's a song I love by Lou Reed... it is typical of our style Perfect Day.

Brand new Jazz & Blues website with brand new videos

Welcome to my long-overdue, spanking brand new jazz & blues website.  Thank you Roy Chappell for a fantastic job!  And thank you Damian@printteam Weymouth for the original site, I think you'll agree it was a very slick and cool design, but I thought the 2004 'hero' photo should be updated! ... and the whole thing brought right up to date and work in a similar way to our Blue Commotion site!   I hope you enjoy the new videos on the home page Rob and I recorded especially, filmed and recorded by Carl Chamberlain. They are two of my favourite ballads and are of course in the mood and style of Billie Holiday (many of you know about my total obsession for her, and the fact that she is my biggest influence ever since I had a Eureka moment when I was about sixteen years old and my Uncle gave me a Billie Holiday tape).   As with the old site, the gig/shows page includes ALL our public gigs, from duo to jazz quintet to Blue Commotion gigs as before.  See you at a gig soon.....   and any feed back re the new site welcome.  Zoe xx     N.B.  Please go to our Blue Commotion website for information on our Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion band including reviews, awards, quotes, CDs, band biogs, videos, galleries etc.